A 4th Generation company giving us the expertise and experience in the industry of Leather N Leather products. Producing 30,000 wallets, 10, 000 bags and a million sq ft. finished leather every month and growing, Leather N Leather is one of the leading organisations in the industry. A state of art tannery and production unit gives us an advantage to produce high quality products and still being economical. Leather N Leather provides a wide offering of unique leather apparel and fashion accessories for men and women. Developed in Kolkata, known worldwide for the strength and suppleness of the leather, each item is handcrafted by artisans to create distinctive and singular products that can truly be considered "Expressions of Self".

Leather N Leather understands that your “self” is a diverse and multi-faceted character, and you express yourself differently all the time. From nights out on the town to a weekend in the great outdoors, Leather N Leather has the leather to cover your world.

From the supply leather to the high quality fixtures and unique designs, all Leather N Leather products exceed expectations in style, function and durability. From our stylish women's Bags to beautiful leather accessories and wallets, Bags for men... if it says our name on the leather, it says it all.

As a manufacturer of individual Products and leather accessories, our product inventory is constantly evolving and expanding with new items and new styles which aspire to help you combine the ultimate in style and comfort. Our R&D department is always working and developing the latest products and designs, so you are never out of fashion. Bookmark our catalog and visit regularly, to ensure that your style is always addressed. That's Leather N Leather's commitment to you!